The crypto community that rewards users

Rayo is the online community where users get cryptocurrency rewards for their data and contributions. We just launched our alpha version! 

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Learn, help others, make friends. If you want to be part of the blockchain revolution, Rayo is for you

-Jefrey Bulla, founder at Rayo-

What we do differently

We are building the best social network experience for the crypto community

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Less bots, more humans Cryptocurrency incentives to make this a community for humans. No more scam bots! 

Users get weekly rewards Users get weekly token rewards for their community contributions. There are rewards for growing the community and rewards for creating great content and helping others.

Follow the projects that matter to you With filters, users can see what people they follow are saying about specific projects or coins.

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User experience first Rayo is ready for everyone. Users don't need to own cryptocurrencies or have wallets installed on their browser.

Meet people with similar passions Be part of a community of people that learn from each other and discuss ideas that will change the world. 

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